I've studied the artistic and technical aspects of photography from all angles for many years, I've seen the videos and read the books and magazines and internet articles until I thought I'd suffer from information overload. How do you decide you can "trust" everything that you see and hear when lots of things seem to change so frequently amongst the "experts". Well, the best lessons I learned were fom three teachers who knew their theory but, crucially could apply that knowledge while being out taking photos and could pass that knowledge on in a simple, meaningful way. Being "in the field" is the best classroom.

So I'm also an "in the field" teacher, which means being able to advise my students what to do when you they are out there "in the field" without any videos or books to refer to. In the field experience means better photos more easily and more often. I build sound, practical advice on top of the theory that's neccessary to know.

I've been monitoring a number of photographic Facebook Groups and internet based photographic forums for many a long day and I've helped hundreds of photographers by responding to their individual questions on these platforms. I was the official mentor on one FB page that has 30,000 members before I went solo. All the people I mentored improved their photography, many by leaps and bounds. Many of the people I mentored became good friends during the process and, happily, I remain in touch with many of them.

I progressed from being a mentor on a single FB page to being available as a mentor to anyone wherever they might be. I have/had students from all parts of the world.

I do all my mentoring by video call - Zoom, Skype, or Windows Messenger and each session lasts one hour. Using the video call method enables a lot of ground to be covered in the hour.

If you would like to be mentored please contact me on the following email address...