I'm Dave farmer and welcome to my photography web site. I am a long standing photography hobbyist and I spend a great deal of time with my camera. Like most people I spent many years with a point and shoot camera without really knowing a great deal about it other than to keep pressing the shutter button and hoping for the best. Around 2014 I took the plunge and bought my first DSLR camera and started on the long journey learning how to get the best from it which I did successfully

I take photos of a wide range of subjects : birds, deer and any other form of wildlife that comes in front of the camera, flowers, street scenes and landscapes. I am a contributing photographer to a Peregrine Falcon Project which is governed by one of the large Wildlife Trusts in the UK. I regularly provide a number of images to the Project each year from the first sightings of the new born chicks to the exciting time when they fledge. 

You will see a lot of images here and I hope you enjoy them and that some visitors may be inspired by them to improve their photography skills.

If anyone does need any help with settings, technique, compositionand understanding the hows and whys of all aspects of DSLR photography then please have a look at the "tuition" page.



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